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* [[KIND Bogey]]
* [[KIND Bogey]]
* [[KIND Buildable]] - Basic scenery object with attached track.
* [[KIND Buildable]] - Basic scenery object with attached track.
* [[KIND Controlset]] - Defines a set of input controls
* [[KIND Drivercharacter]]
* [[KIND Drivercharacter]]
* [[KIND Drivercommand]]
* [[KIND Drivercommand]]

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This page acts as reference manual for all Trainz content. It is intended to provide accurate and concise description of the capabilities and configuration of current-version content. For a new-user walk-through explaining how to create various types of content, see the HowToGuides page instead.


Structure of a Trainz Asset

Each item of Trainz content ("an asset") is distributed as a single folder, containing a config.txt file and some number of supporting files and/or folders. Files located in the content folder must obey the Filename character restrictions and should be directly relevant to the asset in question.

Content Types

Each asset built for the Trainz environment follows a preset template, which defines what tags can be included in the config.txt file, what capabilities the asset will have, and how the user can manipulate the asset in-game. The following types of custom content are supported by Trainz:

Category Tags


Content Configuration Feature Requests - ask here for new config.txt files features


Category:Config Container

Category:Config Tag

Category:Asset KIND

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