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KIND Texture defines a single texture as an asset that can be referenced from another asset or via scripting.

Making a texture available as an asset may reduce resource requirements where the texture is used by a number of assets, and may assist in maintaining consistency between different variations of the same basic asset. KIND Texture-group serves a similar function where there are multiple textures associated with a group of assets.


Parent Classes

Child Classes

Supported Tags

The KIND Texture config.txt file supports the following tags. Each tag is shown here with its default value.

texture <null>
subblend 0
subrotation 0 


Type: Texture file
Compulsory: 3.4
Default: None
Description: Name of texture. Note that this is a texture file, not an image file. See example below.


Type: Float
Compulsory: No
Default: 0.00
Description: TBD


Type: Float
Compulsory: No
Default: 0.00
Description: TBD

Example Config.txt

kuid                                    <kuid:101046:104687>
username                                "Corona Red diffuse"
kind                                    "texture"
trainz-build                            3.5
texture                                 "orange.texture"
category-class                          "JC"
category-era                            "1800s"
category-region                         "AU"
description                             "A Red corona.
subblend                                0.50
subrotation                             45.00
    image                               "$screenshot$.jpg"
    width                               240
    height                              180

The above "texture" tag value 'orange.texture' specifies a Texture file which contains the information about the image to be used for the texture.

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