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KIND Drivercommand assets are AI orders for use in sessions.


KIND Hierarchy

Parent Classes

Child Classes

  • none.

Supported Tags

The KIND Drivercommand config.txt file supports the following tags (in addition to the tags that are available to all assets). Each tag is shown here with its default value.

kind "drivercommand"
supports-null-driver-character 0
properties-behavior no-properties


Type: Boolean
Compulsory: Yes (3.4)
Desc: Order is written in such a way that it can be issued with a null driver character. If this is true, the order can be issued in surveyor.


Type: String (enumerated)
Compulsory: Yes (4.6)
Minimum build: 4.5
Desc: Controls the behavior of the Driver Command in the 'add driver command' menu.
  • no-properties -- The command requires no properties to be specified, and the instance will simply be created as-is.
  • edit-in-submenu -- The command prefers to show a submenu before the instance is created, controlling the initial configuration of the command instance. This should be used where there is only a single option to specify, where there are only a small number of choices for that option, and where a default selection would be inappropriate.
  • edit-after-add -- The command prefers to be edited in a popover after the instance is created. This should be used where there are multiple options to specify, or where the number of possible choices is large.

Note that the actual creation of the submenu and/or exposure of any properties via a popover are implemented in script. This tag simply tells Trainz what to expect so that it can display the initial menu without having to pay the cost of querying each possible script.

Example Config.txt

kuid                                    <...>
kind                                    "drivercommand"
script                                  "DriveThruTrackmarkCommand"
class                                   "DriveThruTrackmarkCommand"
category-class                          "YD"
supports-null-driver-character          1
properties-behavior			"no-properties"
description                             "Drive train through a trackmark"
category-region                         "US"
category-era                            "2000s"
trainz-build                            4.5
   image                               "DriveThruTrackmark.texture"
   width                               64
   height                              64
   image                               "thumbnail.jpg"
   width                               240
   height                              180
 description                           "Drive train through a trackmark"
 command-sounds                        <kuid:-3:10219>
 sessionvariables                      <kuid:-3:10197>


  • A 64x64 thumbnail is included for the display lists.
  • The KUID table includes libraries that the script relies on.


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