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KIND Fixedtrack provides the basis for "fixed" track pieces (as opposed to the normal "flexi track" or "spline track" laid in surveyor.) Fixed track pieces are placed as a scenery object rather than a spline, and snap to neighbouring fixed track pieces or industries at predetermined angles. Unlike KIND Industry, a fixed track does not provide any special meaning or functionality to its attached track - it is used only for positioning purposes.


KIND Hierarchy

Parent Classes

Child Classes

  • none.

Supported Tags

Each fixed track asset supports the following tags. Each tag is shown here with its default value.

use-gradient-track 1
use-named-track 0


Type: junction-vertices container
Desc: A container that contains a series of junction-vertices containers. Each junction-vertices container requires a unique label so they can be identified within a script. Each junction-vertices container identifies a junction on the attached track.


Type: Boolean
Desc: Use the spline gradient rather than following the ground height.


Type: Boolean
Desc: The use-named-track tag allows a script to refer to the names of the internal tracks (as defined in the attached track table) to start searches.(Temp: See this forum discussion.

Example Config.txt

Sample config.txt file for a fixed track asset, with the Standard Tags excluded for brevity:



Attach sample files here?


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