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KIND Hierarchy

KIND Bogey is a subsidiary data type to KIND Mesh provides a bogey mesh and the animation data definitions for a KIND Traincar.

  • This asset type inherits all mesh display characteristics, and adds Bogey-specific functionality such as physics and control mechanisms.

Parent Classes

Child Classes

  • none.

Supported Tags

Each bogey asset supports the following tags. Each tag is shown here with its default value.

 kind          "bogey"
 animdist      2.39
 axle-offsets  -2.5,2.5
 direct-drive  0  
 track-sound   {}


Type: String
Compulsory: Yes from 3.4
Desc: Identifies the asset as Kind bogey.


Type: Float
Compulsory: Yes from 3.4
Desc: Distance traveled in metres by the bogies in 1 second (30 frames) of animation. In other words, multiply the wheel diameter by PI which is 3.1415. Leave this tag out if the bogey is not animated.
Bogie animation files exported from the 3D Editor must be called "anim.kin" and included in the asset folder.
Do not include anim.kin in the config.txt.
If, for instance, there are large driving wheels and smaller wheels used on the pilot, of a steam locomotive, you will need to work out the correct value for each bogey using the angular rotation for 30 frames.
This Tag is required for trainz version 4.6.


Type: Floatlist
Compulsory: No
Desc: This tag identifies the distance in metres of each axle location from the 'origin' of the bogie. The origin is the attachment point location. This is currently used to calculate where, and how many, axles the traincar has to play the 'turnout' sound effect.
So, for example, a 3 axle bogie with an axle spacing of 1.5m (centre axle is in line with the attachment point) would have the following:
axle-offsets -1.5,0.0,1.5
A one axle bogey would be 0.0 and a two axle bogey would be -2.0, 2.0 providing each axle is 2.0 metres from the attachment point.


Type: Boolean
Compulsory: No
Desc: If 1, the bogey animation is linked to the steam piston and physics system. This tag is for steam locomotive animated driving bogies only. If this tag is not included the piston and steam sounds will not work.
The direct-drive tag may also be used on an invisible locomotive bogey to achieve correct sound timing for the asset.


Type: Track-Sound Container
Compulsory No
Desc: Sound to play for a given train and track combination. See Track-Sound Container for details.

Example Config.txt

Sample config.txt file for a bogey asset, with the Standard Tags excluded for brevity:

username                                "Sample Bogey"
kuid                                    <kuid2:xxxxx:xxxxx:x>
kind                                    "bogey"
animdist                                3.75
category-class                          "ZB"
category-region                         "RO"
category-era                            "2000s"
trainz-build                            3.6

   mesh                                ""
   auto-create                         1


Trainz - Content Creation - #31 - Part 1 - Bogey Creation


In this tutorial we cover how to animate your bogey using a parent child structure for dummies and meshes (part 2 covers “skin” modifiers for animation). We then continue to create the Trainz asset and import this asset into TrainzContent.

Trainz - Content Creation - #31 - Part 2 - Bogey Creation


In this tutorial we cover how to animate your bogey using a parent child structure for just the dummy objects then applying a skin modifier to the mesh (part 1 covers animation through a parent child structure of dummies and meshes). We suggest watching part 1 first to get more of an overview on this tutorial before watching it.


  • - The MAX source for the Auran TS2009 SD40-2 bogies. Distributed from the TrainzDev site for education purposes only. No license for the reproduction or redistribution of the included model or textures is granted.


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