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KIND Hierarchy

KIND Product-category' provides categorization support for KIND Product assets. The KIND Product-category asset is referenced from the KIND Product asset using the "product-category" tag.

  • Products instances of different categories cannot co-exist in the same "queues" Container (product queue) when setting up an asset..

Parent Classes

Child Classes

  • none.

Supported Tags

A KIND Product-category asset supports no custom tags. Third-party product categories may be created, and simply act as a label which can be applied to KIND Product assets.


The built-in KIND Product-category assets include:

  • <KUID:-3:10040> "Bulk Load" - Products of this category must supply a 'product-texture'.
  • <KUID:-3:10042> / <KUID:-25:1150> "Container"
  • <KUID:-3:10044> "Liquid Load"
  • <KUID:-3:10091> "Passenger"

Example config.txt

This is a built-in asset, and cannot be modified locally.
Tag names Defined defaulted values
kind "product-category"
kuid <kuid:-3:10040>
username "Bulk Load"
username-cn "????"
asset-filename "bulk_load_category"
username-es "Carga a granel"
username-it "Carico pesante"
username-fr "Charge volumineuse"
username-nl "Bulkgoederen"
username-pl "Towar luzem"
username-de "Massengut"
username-cz "Objemný náklad"
username-hu "Ömlesztett rakomány"
username-ru "Сыпучие грузы"


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