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KIND Drivercharacter is the icon representation of a drivercharacter. It provides the face texture used in the UI. It references a separate mesh asset to provide the visual representation of the driver in the cab.


KIND Hierarchy

Parent Classes

Child Classes

  • none.

Supported Tags

Each HTML asset supports the following tags. Each tag is shown here with its default value.



Type: Image filename
Desc: The image filename for the 64x64 face texture of the driver character. Used in various places the UI. Should refer to the '.texture' form of a texture provided in .texture.txt and .tga format.


Type: KUID
Desc: The asset which will provide the visible representation of the driver in the cab of a loco. This should be a 'kind mesh' asset, with two meshes in it's meshtable - one called "standing" and one called "sitting", for use when standing at the controls and sitting at the controls respectively.

Example Config.txt

Sample config.txt file for a drivercharacter, with the Standard Tags excluded for brevity:

kind                                    "drivercharacter"
face-texture                            "driver.texture"
mesh                                    <kuid:-3:10128>

username                                "My Driver Character"
kuid                                    <KUID2:####:#####:0>
category-class                          "OHD"




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