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KIND Map is the trainz kind (Base data type) used for organizing and storing a Map. The Maps data types are created in surveyor and stored under the \User data subfolder of the Trainz installation (versions after TS2009 SP2), so for the most part, hand-editing of a map config file should not be required.

Trainz User Tip:
Maps, are called in ContentManager a Route (Set the search pane for category Routes to list all) and often called in the model railroading community as a Layout.


KIND Hierarchy

Short of considering ContentManager a container, or speaking of the data base, the Map data type (in it's folder) is the highest organized data type in the software system data heirarchy. It holds the kuid and string tables defining the virtual world the player will interact with and links to all other assets applicable to a routes navigation in Surveyor, as well as specifying most of the 'world' data needed in the Driver Module.

Parent Classes

Child Classes

  • All non-map assets might be referenced in a map asset.

Supported Tags

Each map asset supports the following tags. Each tag is shown here with its default value.

holdcarz      1
info-page     "filename.htm"
region        <NULLKUID>
workingscale  0
workingunits  0
water         <KUID:-1:8009>
car0          <NULLKUID>
autosave      0


Type: Boolean
Desc: True if road traffic should be disabled.


Type: Filename
Original use: File reference to (usually) an HTML file (so called 'Tech Manuals') describing use of an asset, or in the case of a complex session or route, providing details in the form of text explanations, lists, tables, schedules and many many maps.
a) In the vision of N3V game software engineers, obsolescent, so should be "No longer used."
b) In practice, some game asset developers are linking pages here on the TrainzOnline Wiki to serve as the tech manual for assets, a highly important need in complex routes.


Type: KUID
Desc: KUID of Region asset that this map is set in.


Type: Number
Desc: Index of the option picked for the world 'scale' in surveyor.
0  - 1:1    (Real Scale)
1  - 1:22.5 (G Scale)
2  - 1:24   (Half Inch scale)
3  - 1:32   (1 scale)
4  - 1:48   (0 scale)
5  - 1:64.5 (S scale)
6  - 1:76.2 (00 scale)
7  - 1:87.1 (HO scale)
8  - 1:120  (TT scale)
9  - 1:160  (N scale)
10 - 1:220  (Z scale)


Type: Number
Desc: 0 for metric (speed in km/h, distances in metres), 1 for imperial (speed in mph, distances in feet).


Type: KUID
Desc: KUID of water asset that this map uses.


Type: Container
Desc: SoundScript Container to specify ambient sound in this map.


Type: Container
Desc: World origin container


Type: KUID
Desc: KUID of car to add to the pool of available road traffic provided by the region.

This is a sequence - increment the number to add more cars.


Type: boolean
Desc: True if this map was generated by the surveyor auto-save process.


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