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The config.txt file is the central descriptor for a Trainz content item. Every content item has a single filed named config.txt in its folder, which determines the name, kind and unique ID of the item, as well as various kind-specific details. All other files used by the content item are located via the config.txt file.

The config.txt file is stored in the ACS Text Format. When hand-editing the file, care must be taken to use correct syntax or the meaning of parts or the entirety of the file may become permanently lost. When content is installed into Trainz, or when it is archived (in CDP Format or similar) the config.txt file is stored in a machine-optimised binary format. If the content is later extracted using Content Manager, the config.txt file is converted back to text format, however any custom formatting or erroneous syntax is already lost and cannot be restored.


Standard Tags

A variety of tags are available to all Trainz content items, regardless of the specific asset type. These tags are inherited from the KIND TrainzBaseSpec base asset type, and are described there.


As the ACS Text Format uses UTF-8 encoding, non-english text entries may occur within any string field in the config.txt file. To allow for multiple locale support and to avoid confusion, the standard string tags which require localisation allow multiple entries and use the following conventon:

  • username - The content's human-readable name, in American English. The English name for the asset must be present.
  • username-de - The content's human-readable name, in German.
  • username-cz - The content's human-readable name, in Czech.
  • etc.

The following standard tags support this form of localization:

Common Containers

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