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* [[How to Create a Region Asset|Create a Region Asset]]
* [[How to Create a Region Asset|Create a Region Asset]]
* [[/Create a Route in 10 Minutes/]]
* [[/Create a Route in 10 Minutes/]]
* [[/Make a Track Cutting/]]
* [[/Make a Track Cutting/]] (Undercut)
* [[How to Merge Routes|Merge Routes]]
* [[How to Merge Routes|Merge Routes]]
* [[/Place Signals/]]
* [[/Place Signals/]]

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This page lists available "How To" Guides which describe how to achieve certain tasks related to Trainz, specifically for Trainz A New Era or T:ANE and older versions.

Help pages specifically for Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 or TRS19 can be found at Help:TRS19

Users are encouraged to add their own guides to this page in a similar fashion, or expand on existing guides. Please keep in mind that this site is dedicated to the current version of Trainz and that techniques used should relate to this version. Editors note: all pages here should fit the pattern "How to X", as in "How to place signals". Pages and topics which cannot be phrased in this manner do not belong on this page.


[edit] The Trainz Channel

TheTrainzChannel on Twitch Many Tutorial Videos have been recorded for Trainz users to watch and learn from.

To keep up to date with all streams and videos visit TheTrainzChannel on Twitch.

[edit] Content Creation: Routes

[edit] Content Creation: Sessions

[edit] Using "Manage Content" in TANE or newer

See also Help:Content_Manager

[edit] Content Creation: Assets


Scripting and Config.txt

3D Modelling


Content Manager

[edit] Content Creation: Scripting

[edit] List of Driver Commands

[edit] List of Session Rules

[edit] Creating and Configuring Content In-game

[edit] Documentation Suggestions

[edit] Trainz Wiki

[edit] See Also

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