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This guide will show you how to move a Picklist created in TANE to another installation of TANE (for example, on another computer) or to a newer version of Trainz such as TRS19.

Access Your Current TANE Picklists

Steps.PNG Step 1: Open CM and Your Picklists

From the TANE Launcher
  1. select Manage Content
  2. in Content Manager open the Content menu
  3. select Edit Picklist


This will display all your current Picklists.

Steps.PNG Step 2: Select the Picklist to be moved
  1. right mouse click on the required Picklist
  2. select Open Picklist from the popup menu


This will open the Picklist

Steps.PNG Step 3: Select Picklist Contents

  1. left mouse click on any one of the items
  2. press Ctrl-A to Select All the items

Steps.PNG Step 4: Transfer List to a New Window
  1. right mouse click on any one of the items
  2. select List Assets in New Window from the popup menu

Steps.PNG Step 5: Copy Assets in Picklist

The Picklist assets will be listed by their kuids in the Asset KUID box of a new search filter

  1. click inside the Asset KUID box. This should highlight ALL the entries - if not, press Ctrl-A
  2. copy the asset list to the clipboard (press Ctrl-C)

Transfer the List to TRS19 (or Another Copy of TANE)

NotePad.PNG Notes:

If you are transferring the Picklist to another computer then you will need to:-

  1. paste the list from Step 5 above into a program such as Notepad
  2. save it as a text file
  3. copy the file to your second computer.

There you can reverse the steps by:-

  1. opening the document (in Notepad)
  2. select and copy to the clipboard all the items in the list
Then proceed as described below.

Steps.PNG Step 6: Open CM and a New Filter
  1. in TRS19 or your second copy of TANE, open Content Manager
  2. start a new filter
  3. paste (Ctrl-V) the asset list into the Asset KUID box


Steps.PNG Step 7: Create a New Picklist

The pasted asset list will appear in the CM display window, as shown below.


  1. select an entry and then select all (Ctrl-A)
  2. right mouse click on any entry and select Add to Picklist and then New Picklist from the popup menus


Steps.PNG Step 8: Enter a Name for the Picklist


Enter a name for the Picklist and click Ok

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