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Australian & UK signals appear on the left of the track, USA signals appear on the right. European signals vary depending on the track.

Careful placement of signals will allow you to operate complex operations involving several moving consists without incident. It is important to consider that the signals are there to protect the trains from each other, and any situation where their paths may cross should be protected by a signal.

Extended sections of single line should be relieved by sections of double track or “crossing loops” that enable trains to either pass or cross each other. At the entrance to a section of single line there can be two signals protecting the same block, i.e. one on each track to enable faster trains to pass slower ones.

Keep in mind that once your train passes a signal, any following train will not be permitted to pass until your train reaches the next signal, so if traffic is going to be heavy, don’t place them too far apart. It is recommended that you place at least one signal between each junction, and more on longer sections.

To protect AI trains from over running terminating track, a rail end marker or buffer must be used.

Note: At the time of writing, TANE signals are not capable of detecting a train crossing a block via a diamond crossing. If you wish to operate a fully automated system, diamond crossings should not be used in the path of AI trains.

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