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Picklists cannot be saved as .cdp files so they cannot be backed up using that method. This guide will show you how to backup a Picklist in TRS19 or TANE (both programs use identical methods).


Access Your Current Picklists

Steps.PNG Step 1: Open CM and Your Picklists

From the TRS19/TANE Launcher
  1. select Manage Content
  2. in Content Manager open the Content menu
  3. select Edit Picklist


This will display all your current Picklists.

Steps.PNG Step 2: Select the Picklist to be backed up
  1. right mouse click on the required Picklist
  2. select Open Picklist from the popup menu


This will open the Picklist

Steps.PNG Step 3: Select Picklist Contents

  1. left mouse click on any one of the items
  2. press Ctrl-A to Select All the items

Steps.PNG Step 4: Transfer List to a New Window
  1. right mouse click on any one of the items
  2. select List Assets in New Window from the popup menu

Steps.PNG Step 5: Copy Assets in Picklist

The Picklist assets will be listed by their kuids in the Asset KUID box of a new search filter

  1. click inside the Asset KUID box and press Ctrl-A to select them all
  2. copy the asset list to the clipboard (press Ctrl-C)

Transfer the List to Notepad (or any text editor)

Steps.PNG Step 1: Open Notepad or any other suitable text editor program
  • click inside the Notepad window and then press Ctrl-V (paste)

Steps.PNG Step 2: Save the Picklist as a text (.txt) file
  1. from the Notepad File menu select Save or press Ctrl-S. If you are not using Notepad, make sure that the file format is text (.txt) for compatibility
  2. select a suitable backup location for the backup file
  3. enter a filename - the same name as the Picklist would be a good idea - then save

How to Restore a Picklist

Restoring a Picklist basically involves reversing the above steps.

Steps.PNG Step 1: Open Notepad or any other suitable text editor program
  1. load the saved Picklist text file, from Step 2 of Transfer the List to Notepad process explained above, into Notepad
  2. select all the text - press Ctrl-A
  3. copy the text to the clipboard - press Ctrl-C

Steps.PNG Step 2: Open CM in the Destination Trainz and Create a New Filter
  1. in the copy of Trainz where the Picklist is being transferred, open Content Manager
  2. start a new filter
  3. paste (Ctrl-V) the asset list into the Asset KUID box


Steps.PNG Step 3: Create a New Picklist

The pasted asset list will appear in the CM display window, as shown below.


  1. select an entry and then select all (Ctrl-A)
  2. right mouse click on any entry and select Add to Picklist and then New Picklist from the popup menus


Steps.PNG Step 4: Enter a Name for the Picklist


Enter a name for the Picklist and click Ok

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