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The pages linked here are partially-updated extracts from the obsolete Content Creation Guide booklet/pdf. They are maintained here thanks to the attention of Trainz community members. While the information presented here is in an friendly-to-read format, it is often following outdated recommendations and may result in content that does not work in supported Trainz versions and is not eligible for uploading to the Download Station. For up-to-date information, please review the detailed content specifications here.


Chapter 1: The basics

Chapter 2: Introduction to Kinds, Containers, Tags, and Config.txt files

(Please note that an up-to-date listing of all asset kinds is available on the Content Configuration page.)

Chapter 3: Understanding and using Content Creator Plus

Chapter 4: Using Content Creator Plus to create a New Asset

Chapter 5: Common Containers and Tags

Chapter 6: All Other Containers and Tags

Chapter 7: Example Assets using each Kind

Chapter 8: Modelling Guidelines

Chapter 9: Uploading to the Download Station

Chapter 10: Particle Effects and Soundscripts

Chapter 11: Appendices

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