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The Download Station is N3V Game's public repository of 3rd-party custom Trainz assets, and was instituted in the Trainz 1.3Trainz UTC (versions 1.3–1.5) era of early Trainz releases during which it's library of assets swelled from a few hundred assets well into the thousands. As at the release of Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019, the total number of asets has risen to almost half a million items!

Any Trainz user may upload their home-built content and download content made by others using the facility. User with registered versions of Trainz can download these items for free to a limit of 100MB per day.

A First Class Ticket is available (for purchase from the Trainz Store) to increase download speeds, and remove the daily download limit.

With the release of TRS2009, in an attempt to ensure assets will be compatible with future Trainz versions, the verification process has been tighthend to enaure only legal tag names (key words) and newer data types and data structures are incorporated. N3V also instituted a policy of only accepting content made to or upgraded to currently supported releases of the software, concurrent with a policy implemented to limit their customer support to such supported versions.

Content on the Download Station has historically shown significant rates of errors or missing dependencies. This is being addressed via the Download Station Cleanup.

For further information on downloading content from the Download Station, please visit the Downloading Content page.

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