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These pages are intended for information-sharing between N3V employees and content creators. Information contained herein may refer to future Trainz versions or proposed functionality, and should not be construed as a promise of support. Registered users should feel free to edit content to provide additional information, or clarification and corrections to existing information. Please keep discussion to the comment areas and forums.


Content Creation Guides

[] - New Content Creation website that has a lot of resources in the one place.

HowToGuides - A list of 'How To' Guides explaining various content creation tasks.

Modeling - Preparing models, textures, LOD and animation.

Content Configuration - A reference manual covering all content types.

Scripting - Script programming.

Physics - Simulation and tuning.

Terminology - A summary of Trainz terms.

Route and Session Creation - Techniques relating to building a route and the associated gameplay sessions.

Asset Validation - The latest information about asset validation changes and DLS uploads.

Performance - The master page for all things performance-optimisation related.

All Things Trainz

TRS19 - The upcoming release of Trainz.

TANE - The current release version of Trainz.

Trainz Release Versions - A history of the Trainz family.

Download Station - What it is, and what we're doing with it.

Content Management - The zen of content management.

Trainz Online - Detailing the in-game web experience.

Tools - Executables which complement the Trainz game environment.

Downloads - Downloadable builds and tools for development and test purposes.


Recent changes to this wiki.

Feature Request Pages

Search the wiki.

TRS19 Content Creator Documentation (work in progress).


Tutorials - A list of 3rd party Trainz Tutorials.

Content - A list of Trainz content, both released and work in progress.

Routes - Planning and building routes in Surveyor.

Content Creation Groups - Third party content creation groups.

Content Creation Projects - Third party content creation projects.

Want to help us improve this documentation? Check out the Category:TBD page for a list of topics which have been flagged for attention.

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