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This page is intended for Content Creation groups (and individuals) to link their details. Please create an appropriately named wiki page for your group and link to it from here. On your group's wiki page, detail the scope that your group covers, current projects, group members, that kind of thing. Remember that you can link to other pages on the trainzdev site, not just the wiki pages. Be sure to use meaningful and distinct page names.

Content Categories

Please place your group pages into the following categories as appropriate:

Content Creation Groups

N3V - Software Developers

AC MonkeyWrench Models - Content from standard scenery to high-detail drivable trainz, road trucks and cars, even motorcycles.

TrainzDepot - An established Trainz-Community, founded 2002, main language is german. Several loose projects of some users. Group user: TrainzDepot, KUID: 500749.

US Locomotive Works - Best Freeware available for trainz. Locomotives, Rolling Stock, Routes & Scenery.

Trainz Multiplayer User Group - German Trainz community focused on multiplayer activities. If you are interested in playing multiplayer sessions with or without prototypically aspects you are welcome. Nearly every weekend we try to start a mp-session. For communication we use a TeamSpeak3 Server with enough free slots. You'll find the TS3 address at our page.

Newfoundland Railways - Modelling the CN railway of Newfoundland of the 1960s.

VicTrainz - Victorian Railways (and general Australian) creations

East Coast Trainz - Linking the Atlantic to the Mississippi - Eastern United States Content Creators

Cardiff Workshops - Creating quality Trainz content for the NSW enthusiast, covering all eras of train operation.

Magickmaker - Creating a Japanese themed tourist/preserved line.

Whitepass - Creating older US rolling stock before 1970.

Paulz Trainz - Payware Content mainly steam era from all over the World, locos, rolling stock, scenery from 1830-1960

Darjeeling Himalayan Railroad - Creating Darjeeling Himalayan Railway for Trainz.

Metropolitan Trainz Works - In conjunction with the WMRC, MTW is dedicated to distributing some of the finest US rail stock to the Trainz population. Home to the F59PHI Super-Pak v1.0 for TS2009 and other contents. Managed by IsaacG and Content Creation Assistance by Dylanviey

Trainz Pro Routes - Creators of some of the finest prototypical routes available.

Spain Trainz Rutas - Creators of spanish routes & add-ons. Quality.

Toronto Rail Lands(TTR)Team of the TRHA - Creators of the Toronto Rail Lands simulation in TRS2006

Tuscan River Works - Developer of built-in content and sounds for TC 1,2 and 3 and custom content for all versions of Trainz

Trainz Carriage Wagon Works - Loose group of creators with a UK interest we do a fair number of reskins, routes, wagons and carriages

Trainz Station Quality freeware add-ons from SP_or_BUST and 22alpha. Modern American diesels, and some rolling stock.

VR Construction Corps - Creators of routes and content; special interest in narrow gauge and short line subjects from US Rocky Mountain, Pacific Northwest, Southeast and Northeast regions in the 1870s - 1950s time frame.

IBerTrainZ® - The Iberian Trainzy site par excellence. Every kind of assets done. Not only Iberian but now international. Created in 2003 (one of the oldest in Trainz) and still a long life ahead . It has an International subforum too (A quick registering process is needed).

H0 TTrainz Team - Creators of hungarian routes & contents.

FMA is a well known Hungarian group in the Trainz Community (FMA stands for Festett Malaszt Alkotókör = Painted Grace Workshop). Both members will take part in the content development for TRS2009. Vendel is much more known because of his published high quality assets, Sura the other member of the group, makes loads of photorealistic textures and contents as well.

ZBF Team is the third group from Hungary, delegating a member into this new Hungarian Content Creator Group: ZemplénIC, who is good in layout building and scenery creation.

Carré Web, le monde du train! : Since 2006, content creators from Carré Web, le monde du train! make quality freeware for Trainz Railroad Simulator.

Trackside Objects, Routes, and also Scenery, Tracks and Trains (soon) from France and other countries are proposed for download.

As there was few French material integrated in the previous versions of TRS, we propose a set of scripted signals and reflective signs to be integrated in TRS 2009.

La France en Trains Over 3000 assets created for Trainz TRS2004 to recent releases. French railways , rollingstocks, signaling system and sceneries.

CDE Trainz Routes, Sessions and other Assets for TANE and TRS19. CDE Trainz Website - USA

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