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Auran-provided Tools

The following executable tools are made available to Trainz users.

Content Manager - Auran's included content management GUI, which provides functionality for downloading, installing, managing and building custom content.

Content Creator Plus - Auran's included content creation GUI, which provides functionality for creating, editing, viewing and validating asset configurations.

Trainz Mesh Importer - An xml-to-im converter that can be used to simplify conversion of models from various formats into Trainz .im format.

TrainzUtil - A command line content management tool.

Third-party Tools

The following Trainz-related tools are maintained by Trainz 3rd-party developers.

AssetX - A multi purpose toolbox by Andi06 and PEV designed to view, edit and repair the majority of files used in all versions of TRS from TRS2004 onwards.

Basemapz - A tool to assist in creating Model Trainz baseboards from scale plans by ModelerMJ.

callavsg's Scripting Tools - Tools for scripting, such as synatx highlighting and No-Code tools.

Retain My Asset Names (RMAN) - A Trainz Asset Name management, organization, and maintenance tool that transcribes user-assigned custom asset names from a local user database to current and future Trainz version asset libraries. Also allows prior Trainz installation asset names to be preserved and carried forward to later and future Trainz releases. For 64-bit Windows only (by deneban)

Shane Turner's Trainz Tools - Tools to enhance and help resolve some Trainz technical problems. Hosted on the same site as the PEV Trainz Tools

TransDEM - Converts digital elevation files to efficently model prototype railroads.

Trainz Tools by PEV - Editing and repair tools for most Trainz Content files. Shane Turner now hosts these.

vvmm's Trainz Tools - Tools for opening TZarc files, explore CDP files contents, list kuids etc.

More TBA

Native APIs

Auran provides some native (C++) libraries which allow Trainz 3rd-party developers to access specific Trainz internal files and functionality which are otherwise opaque. These are provided in DLL form within the Trainz installation, and should not be redistributed as their implementation is specific to each Trainz install version.

TrainzNativeInterface - A helper DLL which provides the basic functionality for communication between Trainz executables and third-party DLLs.


Command Line Guidelines - Details guidelines for developing Trainz-related command-line utilities with the intention of creating a standardised, easy-to-use interface.


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