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N3V Games uses Autodesk 3DS Max for internal modeling needs, but supports any modeling package which can export FBX file format with certain model characteristics.


Introduction to Trainz modeling

The following guides describe best practices for modeling in various scenarios, including a discussion of techniques, polygon counts, etc.

How To Guides

There is a large range of tutorial style How To Guides created to assist content creators of every level learn more about specific aspects of Trainz.

Modern Content (TANE and Beyond)

Trainz is a long-running project and some content (both user-created, and supplied by N3V Games) is built to outdated standards. If you're new to content creation in Trainz, or have recently upgraded from an older version of the product, you should take some time to familiarise yourself with the capabilities of the product and the expectations placed on any new content. All content built for current versions of Trainz should comply with the following:

Modeling Resources

Reference Tables

Books and publications









Related Links

Content Types - Using your models to build one of the supported Trainz content types, such as locomotives, scenery, and track.

ACS Coupling System - How to create models that use working couplings

Getting Started with Normal Mapping - Creating a simple model using normal mapping.

Material Types - Material types supported by Trainz.

Exporting with 3D Studio Max - Material setup and exporting with 3DS Max.

.texture.txt Files - What goes into a .texture.txt file

Attachment Points - Information on attachment points

Asset Preview - Quickly previewing your model in-game, and collecting performance data.

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