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Chapter 1: The basics

Chapter 2: Introduction to Kinds, Containers, Tags, and Config.txt files

Chapter 3: Understanding and using Content Creator Plus

Chapter 4: Using Content Creator Plus to create a New Asset

Chapter 5: Common Containers and Tags

Chapter 6: All Other Containers and Tags

Chapter 7: Example Assets using each Kind

Chapter 8: Modelling Guidelines

Chapter 9: Uploading to the Download Station

The purpose of this chapter is to familiarise users with the new Uploading and Content Distribution procedures made available by Content Creator Plus.

The Download Station combined with CMP makes it easy to retrieve assets and maps for TC. Asset dependencies are gathered automatically when downloading, and installed in TC. Assets with missing dependencies can be frustrating, when they are not included on the Download Station, and we are sure you would understand if we ask that creators upload their assets to assist others to easily find useful models, in one location.

The aim of CMP and CCP is to have fully functional and correct assets in Trainz. Errors in asset files for previous builds have created frustration for users. With CCP we now have a utility to eliminate as many errors and problems as possible, and therefore we ask that the following procedures be used.

For all TC (trainzbuild 2.7) assets, they must be checked using CCP before uploading to the Download Station. This will show any errors that may then be corrected, and format the files suitable for the Download Station.

While assets from prior builds may be imported into TC and appear to function correctly, if they are to be made into a build 2.5 asset for upload, they must be loaded into CCP and a processed (and corrected) config.txt file saved.

CCP must be used to create the upload package.

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