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TS2009 introduced a major update to the underlying Trainz engine, encouraging significant improvements to content detail and quality.

Available Updates

New Features

The following is a summary list of major features:

  • Quad detail terrain - Surveyor now allows a different ground type for each baseboard. The route creator can choose between flexibility, detail and performance as appropriate for different parts of the route. TS2009 will include the classic 10m terrain detail and a new 5m terrain type.
  • Performance - TS2009 has been optimized to perform well on modern high-density, high-detail routes and to take advantage of modern GPU techniques where available.
  • Content Manager - The beast shall be tamed. Numerous long-awaited bugfixes and workflow improvements. Details later..
  • New stitched track modelling technique - A new high-performance, high-detail track modelling technique is used for TS2009 track which allows for beautiful closeups and simplifies content creation.
  • Normal-mapped terrain - Ground textures now support per-pixel specular, normal maps and reflection.
  • TBD

Included Content

  • TBD
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