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The information in this Wiki Page applies to TANE, TRS19 and Trainz Plus. This guide will show you how to rename a Picklist.


Main Points:
DotPoint.JPG Picklists cannot be renamed directly within Trainz or CM
DotPoint.JPG The workaround method to rename Picklists is to:-
  1. Create a backup copy of the Picklist
  2. Delete the Picklist from Trainz
  3. Restore the Picklist from the backup (step 1 above) and use the new name when saving it into Trainz

The Renaming Process

DotPoint1.JPG If you have not already created a backup copy of the Picklist, then follow the steps listed in the Trainz Wiki Page WikiLink.PNG How to Backup a Picklist
DotPoint2.JPG Once you have created the backup copy, delete the Picklist from your Trainz Install

Steps.PNG Steps:

From the Trainz Launcher

  • select Manage Content
  • in Content Manager open the Content menu
  • select Edit Picklist


This will display all your current Picklists.

  • select the Picklist to be deleted
  • right mouse click on the selected Picklist and select Delete Picklist


DotPoint3.JPG Follow the first 3 steps listed in the Trainz Wiki Page WikiLink.PNG How to Restore a Picklist

For the 4th and final step, enter the new name for the Picklist.

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