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The information in this Wiki Page applies to TANE, TRS19 and Trainz Plus. This guide will show you how to move a Picklist from one installation of Trainz to another, on the same or different computers.


This page is also available in text only format suitable for copying and pasting at How to Move a Picklist TEXT


PencilTips.PNG If you have made backup copies of your Picklists then you have already completed half the work. Use the backup Picklists and steps described in the How to Restore a Picklist section of the How to Backup a Picklist Trainz Wiki page to complete the move.

Access Your Current Picklists


DotPoint1.JPG Open CM and Your Picklists

From the Trainz Launcher
  1. select Manage Content
  2. in Content Manager open the Content menu
  3. select Edit Picklist


This will display all your current Picklists.

DotPoint.JPG If you are using a Default picklist there is NO way to select it for moving or backup

  DotPoint2.JPG Select the Picklist to be Backed Up:
  1. right mouse click on the required Picklist
  2. select Open Picklist from the popup menu


This will open the Picklist

  DotPoint3.JPG Select Picklist Contents:
  1. left mouse click on any one of the items
  2. press Ctrl-A to Select All the items

  DotPoint4.JPG Transfer List to a New Window:
  1. right mouse click on any one of the items
  2. select List Assets in New Window from the popup menu


  DotPoint5.JPG Copy Assets in Picklist:

The Picklist assets will be listed by their kuids in the Asset KUID box of a new search filter

  1. click inside the Asset KUID box and press Ctrl-A to select them all
  2. copy the asset list to the clipboard (press Ctrl-C)


Transfer the List to Another Copy of Trainz

NotePad.PNG Notes:

If you are transferring the Picklist to another computer then you will need to:-

  1. paste the list from Step 5 above into a program such as Notepad
  2. save it as a text file
  3. copy the file to your second computer.

On the second computer, reverse the steps by:-

  1. opening the document (in Notepad)
  2. select and copy to the clipboard all the items in the list
Then proceed as described below.


DotPoint6.JPG Open CM in the Destination Trainz and Create a New Filter:
  1. in the copy of Trainz where the Picklist is being transferred, open Content Manager
  2. start a new filter
  3. paste (Ctrl-V) the asset list into the Asset KUID box
  4. delete from the filter the line Installed - this will ensure that any Picklist assets that are on the DLS but not installed on your system will be identified
  • if any assets are identified as Available for download (i.e. they are not installed) then download and install them first


  DotPoint7.JPG Create a New Picklist:


  1. select an entry and then select all (Ctrl-A)
  2. right mouse click on any entry and select Add to Picklist and then New Picklist from the popup menus


  DotPoint8.JPG Enter a Name for the Picklist:


Enter a name for the Picklist and click Ok


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