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* [[TANE CE]]
* [[TANE CE]]
* [[TANE]]
* [[TANE]]
* [[TRS19]]

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The following is a list of all known public Trainz releases:

[edit] Patches

Auran regularly releases minor patches to the Trainz products. These may be made available via the Auran automatic patch software, or as manual downloads. Typically any major patches are released through both systems. A list of minor Trainz build versions and the available patches is available here.

[edit] Life-Cycle Policy

Auran typically support each major Trainz release for four years after the initial release date. Full details of our life-cycle policy are available here.

[edit] External Sites

  • A comprehensive list up to TRS2006, with box art, can be found here.
  • The Trainz wikipedia history can be found here.
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