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TS2010 SP1 is the first patch release to the TS2010 product. It fixes a small number of important issues that were reported by the community after the public release of TS2010 and adds a new "Content Updates" button to the main menu.

Changes since TS2010

The following list represents the major user-visible changes in TS2010 SP1 as compared to the TS2010 online release build.

  • Speedtrees now appear correctly with ATI graphics cards.
  • Local assets are now organised differently.
  • Non-builtin local assets can now be recommited.
  • New "Content Updates" Menu button for updating built-in assets.
  • Maximum number of speedtree types available at once has been relaxed.
  • Speedtrees that had been previously locked can now be moved, rotated or deleted.
  • Minor Changes to the favorites system.
  • Regions can now be selected when the favorites filter is on.
  • Auto-Patcher Fixed
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