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TS2010: Engineers Edition


Available Updates

New Features

The following is a summary list of major features:

  • SpeedTree
  • Seasonal Assets
  • Surveyor Layers
  • New scriptable front-end menu system
  • Native mode is now active by default and generally performs better (both visually and in terms of frame rate) across the board than compatibility mode. Compatibility mode is still available for those people who have older problem content. (Note: support for compatibility mode is removed by TS2010 SP4.)


The following licenses are relevant to users of this product:

Included Content

In addition to including many routes from previous games, including the content of TC1, TC2, and TRS2007, TS2010 includes several brand-new routes:

  • Avery-Drexel: Set in the mid-1970s, this route follows the Milwaukee Road's failed Pacific Extension over St. Paul's Pass. This is electrified territory, with EP-4 Little Joe electrics powering long freights. Other locomotives include SD40-2s and GP9s, plus speeders. Also represented is Northern Pacific's Lookout Pass, by this time run by Burlington Northern.
  • CSX Saginaw Sub: An old favorite by chrisracer8903, this route was availabe for TRS2006 on the DLS. The route focuses on the CSX Saginaw Subdivision in Michigan.
  • Conrail Lincoln Secondary: Another chrisracer8903 route, the Lincoln Secondary is set in winter, and splits off from the Saginaw Subdivision.
  • CN Holly Sub: Intersecting the Saginaw Sub, the Holly Sub is a former GTW route travelling from Durand to Detroit, MI.
  • Detroit Connecting Railroad: A short terminal route off the Holly Sub, this line offers a more relaxed pace compared to the hustle and bustle of the nearby mainlines.
  • ECML King's Cross-York: The East Coast Mainline in the United Kingdom is a key artery of not just the British railway system, but the British economy as a whole. This route, set around 1977 when the InterCity 125 began displacing the Class 55 from express services, runs from London King's Cross to York, with lines to Hull, Cleethorpes, and Skegness. TS12 extends this route to Newcastle, and T:ANE brings it all the way to Edinburgh, clocking in at 393 miles.
  • Downtown Traction: An electric terminal railway in a fictional American port, this route is designed for switching.
  • Harbour Master: Similar to Downtown Traction, but lacking electrification.
  • Port Ogden & Northern: Based on a layout in Linn Westcott's "101 Track Plans", this large route is full of interactive industries, and will keep you busy for hours.
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