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A simple utility to create *.texture.txt files from image file names and image content. Can scan a folder or folders to make *.texture.txt file for any image files it finds.

Download TextureTXT here

Attachment Maker

A program to add attachment points to existing assets by creating an invisible mesh with those points. Very simple and quick to use; add attachments in minutes.

Download AttachmentMaker here


A program to view all image types used in Trainz. The program can also convert any image to another format, as well as add and manipulate alpha images. You can attach your favourite image editor to allow opening of images for edit from within Images2TGA. The program handles the DXT compressed textures and allows conversion of these images to other formats. The trawl feature can be used to convert textures to TGAs. Additionally it can make grey scale images and normal maps. It has recently been updated to view the two versions of textures from Trainz A New Era.

This program supercedes Texture Viewer 2 and Texture2TGA.

Download Images2TGA here


A tool program to convert Auran progressive meshes (PM) to indexed meshes (IM). An option is provided to alter specular values that can cause unwanted shine on object surfaces.

This program can also be used to remove unsupported texture types from IM meshes.

Download PM2IM here

Trainz Mesh Viewer 2

Trainz Mesh Viewer 2 is a program to render textured meshes for Trainz. Also can now render complete train cars on short length of track. The views can be zoomed and rotated to view the object from any angle. If textures are not present the object is rendered in the diffuse colour with shadows. The program includes a facility to make 240x 180 thumbnail images of the object and can display normal mapped objects with a separate display for the bumps. A mesh data display has been added showing poly count and mesh size. Recent additions allow viewing of complete traincars as well as attachments and individual textures, and creation of a 128x64 consist icon from the train car view.

Download Trainz Mesh Viewer 2 here


This PEVSoft tool is provided to the Trainz community for the generation of shadow meshes without having to use 3DMax, Gmax or Blender. Many rolling stock items downloaded into Content Manager show errors caused by missing shadow meshes. Where the shadow mesh is missing a simple rectangular box mesh should be sufficient to give the shadow effect and to satisfy the requirements of the Content Manager program for an error-free asset. QuickShadows can create the shadow mesh in the shape of a rectangular box, or a simplified billboard version of the original mesh, or a pologon reduced version of the original mesh, or a black only copy of the original mesh.

Download QuickShadows here

PEVs Download Page

As you can see if you download any of the above you are directed to Shane Turner's web site. Shane has kindly hosted PEV's downloads as his original site no longer supports them. Check out the other tools on offer.
Please Note that these tools are for Windows operating systems only. All have been compiled and tested in Windows 10.

Tutorials for PEV's Tools

John King's Trainz Resources NewsLetter published a series of tutorials on PEV's Trainz Tools.

They covered:-

Images2TGA for manipulating all image types used in Trainz

PM2IM for conversions of Progressive Meshes to Indexed Meshes

QuickShadows for creating simple shadows where needed

AttachmentMaker add attachments to assets in minutes

PDFs of these are available from Shane's download page.


PEV accepts no liability for damage or lost data arising from the use or misuse of the above software.

The programs are provided free of charge and in good faith to assist Trainz authors and users.

Some meshes don't render correctly in AssetX or Trainz Mesh Viewer. All of PEV's mesh tools (and AssetX) have a bug in INFL chunk based animations as produced by 3DSMax. These are rare as GMax does not support this type of animation. Unfortunately there is no documentation on how this works, and PEV has been unable to get it right by experimentation.

About PEV

I am a retired electrical engineer who worked for a major Australian building materials manufacturer for many years. I have two recreational passions, making classical guitars, and Trainz.. I made many software tools when working and now write them when ever I think a problem can be solved with a bit of software.

I hope you find my efforts helpful.


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