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Effect Layers are a new concept introduced in TRS19.

There are two Effect Layers, each serving a different purpose and requiring different hardware requirements, but both do require similar methods to paint onto your terrain.


This is a special animated ground cover system developed by NVIDIA to take advantage of high-end hardware. It provides animated ground cover that waves in the wind and adds an amazing feeling of depth to your scene.

Instructions how to use this effect in Surveyor are show here: Help:TurfFX_Effect_Layer

Clutter Effect Layer

This layer is basically a set of "3D objects" that you can paint onto the terrain in a random manner within a defined area, and at defined density.

Users can mix and match different objects into a variety of Clutter Layers and scatter plants, rocks and even litter around the scene.

Because of the ease of painting this layer, it is important that the objects used in the Clutter Effect Layer are highly optimised.

Instructions how to use this effect in Surveyor are show here: Help:Effect_Layer_Dialog

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