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The "Effect Layers" dialog is used to create, edit and delete effect layers. It can be opened using the button on the advanced pane of the topology tab, or from the Edit menu on the Surveyor menubar (TRS19q1/sp1 onward).

Simple Mode

As of the TRS19 2020q1 update, the effect layers dialog comes with a "simple mode" which allows you to change an effect layer to use specific "preset" assets. A number of effect layer presets are included "built in" to Trainz, but you can also make your own using the advanced editing controls.

To preview an effect layer preset just select it from the list and wait for it to load in the preview window. No changes will be applied to the Route until the dialog is closed using the tick button. If none of the presets are perfect, you can select the best/closest for your application and the modify it using the advanced mode (see below).

Advanced Mode

The advanced mode of the Effect Layer dialog allows you to edit the fine details of each effect layer. This includes the visuals of the effect layer, but also complex settings which define how the effect layer data is stored within the Route. This interface is quite complex, and it may require some research and experimentation to learn exactly what each option does.

Because of the complixty of these settings they are explained in detail on their own pages, linked in the "See Also" section below.

See Also

For more information about effect layers, specific effect layer types, or creating your own effect layer assets, see the following pages.

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