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The menubar is a horizontal bar at the top of the screen in Trainz which provides access to module-wide controls. The menubar is normally always visible, but can be configured to auto-hide in the Settings.

This page describes the menubar options and behavior in the Trainz Surveyor module.


TRS19 Menubar

As of TRS19 Service Pack 1 the Surveyor menubar is updated to match the visual style of the TRS19 Driver menubar and provide access to several new features. This provides greater consistency across the modules, and helps to keep things organised.

Note that some of the options listed in the below sections are exclusive to Trainz Plus (such as the new camera modes).

2019-03-12 130416.png

System Menu

For details visit Help:TRS19_Main_Menu

Edit Menu

For details visit Help:Surveyor_MenuEdit

Tools Menu

For details visit Help:Surveyor_MenuTools

Display Menu

For details visit Help:Surveyor_MenuDisplay

Camera Menu

For details visit Help:Surveyor_MenuCamera

(Camera Menu option not available in TRS19 SP1)

Social Menu

For details visit Help:Surveyor_MenuSocial

Window Menu

For details visit Help:Surveyor_MenuWindow

Help Menu

For details visit Help:Surveyor_MenuHelp

Help for each of the new menu options is provided using the in-game '?' help tool.

Legacy Menubar (TANE and earlier)


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