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Service Pack 1 (SP1) introduces a number of bug fixes, optimisations and updates for TRS19 users. The key aspects of this update are outlined below.

New Surveyor Menu Bar

The most noticeable change in SP1 is the introduction of the new Menu Bar in Surveyor. In short, this provides more consistency between Driver and Surveyor and groups many of the Main Menu options under new heading for Editing,Tools, Display, Social and Window menus.

Other Changes

  • Various content and script updates
  • Mousewheel scroll can now move you into and out of cab mode
  • Camera interpolates when changing modes (instead of snapping)

Key Optimisations and Fixes

Please note that bug fixes included in Trainz Plus updates are also included in TRS19 Service Pack updates.

  • Fixed a stutter that showed for some users when the HUD was present.
  • Fixed a crash when trains reached 64mph (actually an audio problem)
  • Removed a cap on FPS limits
  • Cryllic characters now show correctly
  • Waybill font now readable
  • Premium filter now shows correct items
  • Tooltips for Driver Controls moved above the dial/sliders

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