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System Menu

Surveyor system.PNG
  • Tap on the System Menu button to open a new menu with a range of system options.

Surveyor system tools.PNG

  • Tap and hold to bring up a tool tip that describes each of the tools.
  • Many of these tools can be accessed directly from the Main Menu opened by tapping on the Pause icon in the top left corner.

Surveyor Tools

Jump straight to the following tools menus or read more about general Surveyor functions below:

System Menu System Menu
Tool ground.png Ground Tools (Making mountains, painting terrain etc)
Tool Splines.png Spline Tools (Tracks, roads, fences etc)
Tool objects.png Objects Menu (Scenery, buildings, people, locos etc)
Tool environment.png Environment Menu (Skybox, weather etc)

Other Topics

Select the area within Trainz Mobile you want to explore.

Area-menus.png Area-driving.png Area-building.png Area-dlc.png

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