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- VE74: Image file imagefilename is incorrectly used as both a texture.txt source file and a raw image file.

Generally, where an image file is required it should be provided as a texture (ie, '...texture.txt') file. However, there are some tags in config.txt which allow reference to an image file using the image file name. If an image file name is used, then it must not also be referred to from a texture file.

An example of a tag that allows an image file name is the 'image' tag for a thumbnail.

Options are:

  • Change the tag value from an image file name to a texture file (where allowed), or
  • Create a copy of the image file under a new name, and adjust the tag value to the changed file name.

For information about texture files, please see: Texture_file

See Also: Help:VE73

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