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- VE73: Image file imagefilename is incorrectly used as both a texture.txt source file and a raw image file.

This error is telling you that the config file references an image (in this case, product.tga) directly, when there is also a .texture.txt file that uses the same image file.

Generally, where an image file is required it should be provided as a texture (ie, '...texture.txt') file. However, there are some tags in config.txt which allow reference to an image file using the image file name. If an image file name is used, then it must not also be referred to from a texture file.

Content Manager will compile the .texture.txt and the image file it references into a .texture file when the asset is committed. This .texture file is the most efficient way for Trainz to load an image texture - the vast majority of the work such as texture compression has been done beforehand by Content Manager.

An example of a tag that allows an image file name is the 'image' tag for a thumbnail.

Solution: Ensure the texture.txt file is referenced instead of the tga file.

Options are:

  • Change the tag value from an image file name to a texture file (where allowed), or
  • Create a copy of the image file under a new name, and adjust the tag value to the changed file name.


Open the config file Change <name>.tga to <name>.texture (where <name> is the name of your image) Update the KUID to the next revision version Commit the asset Upload the newly revised asset to the DLS.

For information about texture files, please see: Texture_file

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