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Gradient remove.jpg Remove Gradient

Select the Remove Gradient tool and then Click LMB on a spline point to reset the height of the spline.

When a spline point is first added its height is zero relative to the ground at the point at which it is located, and its height follows any changes in the ground height. This is indicated by a white rotating circle. If the height is adjusted it becomes an absolute height, so that the height does not change with subsequent changes in ground height, and this is indicated by a yellow rotating circle. The Remove Gradient tool reverts the spline point height to its original state - zero relative to the ground and a white rotating circle. This change also restores some properties of certain splines - if the spline has been configured to follow the height and/or slope of the ground surface between spline points then this feature is restored to a spline section when the adjacent spline points are changed from absolute height to relative height.

If a spline point height is already zero relative to the ground (white rotating circle) then this tool has no effect.

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