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Advanced Click LMB on the Advanced Menu (Shift F3) to access even more tools. A drop down menu is then revealed.


Spline height.jpg Spline Height

The Spline Height (H) tool can be used to raise or lower the height of certain types of splines (for example catenaries or road bridges). Click LMB on Spline Height then Click LMB+H on a spline point (the white circle) and drag the mouse forward or backwards.

Spline point delete.jpg Delete Spline Point

Click LMB on Delete Spline Point (X) and then Click LMB on a white spline circle to remove unwanted spline points. You cannot delete an end spline point, but you can delete the whole section using the Delete Spline (D) tool.

Spline point insert.jpg Insert Spline Point

Click LMB on Insert Spline Point (I) then Click LMB between two existing spline points. Notice that a new spline point is created.

Spline smooth.jpg Smooth Spline

Smooth Spline (S) levels the track between two spline points, bringing the land up or down to match the levelled spline.

Vertex height get.jpg Get Vertex Height

Click LMB on the Get Vertex Height and Click LMB on the highest spline point on your spline. The height is displayed in the Height Value box.

Vertex height apply.jpg Apply Vertex Height

Click LMB on Apply Vertex Height then Click LMB on another spline point. The spline point is raised to the same height as you first vertex.

Gradient remove.jpg Remove Gradient

Click LMB on Remove Gradient and then Click LMB on a spline section to remove the gradient between two spline points.

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