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 Peterborough Shunter 
Shunting operations that cover the length of Peterborough Yard and Peterborough Depot. Bottom

Peterborough Shunter
Each location in the layout has a detailed set of track diagrams that provide the following information:-
  • the names of the tracks, sidings and loops
  • the location of various facilities - stations, turntables, water columns, coal stages, engine sheds, active industries
  • the names of active industries and their products and consumables
  • the names and locations of trackmarks for Drive To and Drive Via commands
  • the names, properties and locations of track switches and lists of switch sets for particular movements
  • Enhanced Interlocking Tower paths for those locations that have EITs
Location Index
To display the location data click any Location Index graphic, or go to the bottom of the page for all the session links (all links will open in this window).
Duration: 1 hour
Loco: SAR T 233 on Peterborough Depot Shed Road 1

Other Unrostered Locos:

  • SAR T 23 on Peterborough Depot Siding 1
Getting Started:
  1. The first step is to pause the session by pressing the P key.
  2. Next locate your loco. Either:-
    1. Open the Finder (press CTRL-F) and type, in the name field, the name of the loco. For example SAR T 233 (or just T 233 should be enough). Click the tick icon, OR
    2. Open the Driver List (bottom left of the screen) and select the loco from there - click the drivers Eye icon to jump to the loco.
  3. Take a few moments to get your bearings. Use the Location Index (this link will open in this window) and click on Peterborough to load its location details and track plans. The Tab PH Grey.png tab will give you the EIT Paths that are available if you wish to use them but they will not be needed in this scenario. The Tab TM Grey.png tab will give you the location and names of the invisible Track Marks for Drive To commands. The Tab IN Grey.png tab will show the names and locations of all active industries and their commodities. The Tab SW Grey.png tab will give the names and locations of all junction switches as well as some switch sets you may want to use.
  4. When you are ready to start, reload the Peterborough Base Session page (click the Scenarios button on your current location page) and select this Scenario again or just use the Back button on your browser - whichever is quicker.
  5. Switch back to TRS19 Driver and press the P key to start the session.
Yard Map: Strip Map
Yard map
  1. Move the loco out of the Loco Depot and navigate through to the other side of Peterborough Yard onto the Stockyard road.
  2. Reverse onto Goods Siding4 and attach to the rake of empty MTW flat wagons stored there.
  3. Move the empty wagons to the Goods Crane and load.
  4. Shunt the loaded wagons to Goods Siding3 and stable.
  5. Move the loco to Goods Siding5 and attach to the rake of empty Livestock wagons stored there.
  6. Shunt the empty wagons to Siding 2 DE at the far end of the Stockyard road for pickup by a later train.
  7. Move the loco back into the main depot to the Loco Sidings next to the tall water tower. There are empty coal (CCC) and fuel (Tanker) wagons stored on two of the siding roads.
  8. Shunt the two wagon sets into a single consist and stable on one of the empty Loco Sidings roads for later pickup and return to Port Pirie.
  9. Move the loco to the back of the workshop area at the end of the Depot Repair Storage Road.
  10. Attach to loco SAR T 229 (not in steam) and move it into the repair shop on Depot Repair Shop Road 2 or Depot Repair Shop Road 3. Detach.
  11. Return the loco to its starting position on Peterborough Depot Shed Road 1.
Driving Notes:
  • You have permission to pass semaphore signals at stop provided you are satisfied that the road ahead is clear.

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Rolling Stock
Rolling Stock
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