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Rolling Stock Index.png  Peterborough Division Rolling Stock 
For the SAR Peterborough Base Session

 SAR T Class 4-8-0 

SAR T Class 78 were built between 1910 and 1917 specifically for the Broken Hill-Port Pirie ore trains where they dominated until the mid 1960s. They were regarded as one of the most successful SAR steam locos. 6 were sold to the Tasmanian Government Railways (TGR), a few were transfered to other SAR narrow gauge divisions and 5 were temporarily converted to broad gauge (5ft 3in, 1600mm) during a shortage of broad gauge locos. The vast majority saw out their lives on the SAR Northern (Peterborough) Narrow Gauge Division. The last examples were withdrawn from service in the early 1970s.

Consumes: Coal and Water

 SAR 400 Class 4-8-2+2-8-4 

SAR 406 Class 10 of these oil fired Garratts were purchased in the 1950s specifically for the Broken Hill-Port Pirie ore trains and the Leigh Creek coal trains. Most had been withdrawn by the mid 1960s. The last was withdrawn from service in 1970.

Consumes: Bunker C Oil and Water
Bunker C Oil is available at Gladstone Depot and Peterborough (Main) Depot

 Kuranda BL1 Coach 

Kuranda Coach "Borrowed" from Queensland Rail (QR) as there seems to be no passenger enabled narrow gauge SAR coaches available on the DLS. The QR Kuranda BL1 coaches are very similar to the SAR Centenary coaches which are on the DLS, as broad gauge and standard gauge cars only, but are not passenger enabled.

Loads and Unloads: Passengers

 DB Guard Van 

DB Guard Van "Borrowed" from Tasmanian Government Railways (TGR) and can carry a limited number of passengers.

Loads and Unloads: up to 6 Passengers

 MTW Flat Wagon 

MTW Flat Wagon "Borrowed" from Queensland Rail (QR), designed to carry bulky loads.

Loads and Unloads: Farm Equipment
  I Beams
  John Deere Tractor Product

 QLX Van 

QLX Van "Borrowed" from Queensland Rail (QR), a general purpose goods van.

Loads and Unloads: General Goods
  Fertiliser Bagged
  Wool Bales

 CCC Gondola 

CCC Gondola "Borrowed" from Tasmanian Government Railways (TGR), a bulk mineral wagon.

Loads and Unloads: Coal

 Livestock 8T 4-wheel 

Livestock Van Livestock van.

Loads and Unloads: Cattle

 WHE Covered Grain Wagon 

Covered Wagon "Borrowed" from Queensland Rail (QR), a covered bulk grain gondola wagon. This wagon is not industry enabled. I could not find a suitable narrow gauge industry enabled grain wagon on the DLS but in appearance the QR WHE wagon is a close match to those that were used on the SAR.

Pretends to Load and Unload: Wheat

 Tank 4-wheel 

Tanker Wagon A bulk fuel wagon.

Loads and Unloads: Bunker C Oil
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