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Who Am I?

That's a good question. Formerly an educator initially in Science Education and then in ICT Education. I have a Masters In Computer Education. After I "retired" I continued working as the sole on site IT/Network support person for a system that had over 1,000 users. I am now retired full-time and find that I am enjoying life more than I usually did when I was working. I now wonder why I didn't retire before I started working.

Why Am I Here?

My interest in Trainz has until recently been in the creation of routes and sessions but lately I have branched out into other areas such as creating Textures (environmental) for use in the Message Popup rule which I thought was sadly lacking in the number and variety of graphical options.

I have also become heavily involved in updating the Trainz Wiki, which was (and still is) sadly lacking in current and useful information for content creators at all levels and for Trainz users in general. This is to give back to the community some of the support and helpful advice that others have freely given to me from the earliest days. I spent a fair few years of my working life writing technical books (textbooks actually) and I have found this to be very helpful in this task.

I hope that my efforts are worthwhile.

Projects - Past and Present

A summary of my Trainz projects, all on the DLS, can be found at Peter Ware's Routes and Sessions.

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