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ArrowLeftBtn.png   23   Peterborough Livestock Shuttle  ArrowRightBtn.png
A scenario in the SAR Peterborough Base Session v2.0
Livestock transfers between the stockyards at Terowie and Peterborough. Bottom

Livestock Shuttle
 Era:  1920s to 1960s
 Duration:  45 minutes one-way
100 minutes return trip
 Loco:  SAR T 231 at Terowie  Loco  Depot

Other Available Locos: Loco Roster Label.png

 Consist:  8T Cattle Wagons and Brake Van in Stockyard siding.

Location Index

Location Index
Each location in the layout has a detailed set of track diagrams that provide a variety of information. The  Getting Started  guide below gives a summary of the information that is available.

To display the data click any Line Index graphic, or go to the bottom of the page for all the session links (all links will open in this window).

Getting Started:
  1. If you have already closed the opening message window then the first step is to pause the session by pressing the  P  key.
  2. Next locate your loco. Either:-
    1. Open the Finder Tool (press  Ctrl   F ) and type, in the Name field, the name of the loco. For example SAR T 231 (or just T 231 should be enough). Click the tick icon, OR
    2. Open the Driver List (bottom left of the screen) and select the loco from there - click the drivers Eye icon to jump to the loco.
  3. Take a few moments to get your bearings. Click Terowie Data (this link will open in this window) to show the location details and track plans for Terowie. In each location details page:-
    • the Tab HM White.png tab gives an overall summary of each location with a "potted" history (where available).
    • the Tab TM Grey.png tab reveals the invisible TM Track Marks for Drive To commands.
    • the Tab IN Grey.png tab lists all active industries and their commodities.
    • the Tab SW Grey.png tab describes the names, locations and settings of all junction switches as well as some switch sets you may want to use.
  4. Each location details page has direct links to the adjacent locations so you can explore along the route.
  5. When you are ready to start, reload the Peterborough Base Session page (click the Scenarios button on your current location page) and select this Scenario again or just use the Back button on your browser - whichever is quicker.
  6. Switch back to Driver Mode and close the opening message window (if it is still on the screen) or press the  P  key (if it is not) to start the session.

Tutorial A tutorial on using these scenarios is provided in the link on the left. The link will open in this window

  1. Reverse the loco and tender out of the Depot yard and onto the Stockyard storage siding
  2. Couple to the livestock consist stored in the siding
  3. Load livestock at the Terowie Livestock Transfer Narrow Gauge platform
  4. Proceed to Peterborough Stockyard sidings
  5. Unload at the appropriate stockyard - Peterborough Stockyard 1 (Cattle) or Peterborough Stockyard 2 (Sheep)
  6. Proceed to the other Stockyard (e.g. Stockyard 2 (Sheep) if you unloaded cattle at Stockyard 1)
  7. Load with livetock
  8. Return to Terowie and unload at the Terowie Livestock Transfer Narrow Gauge platform

Driving Notes:
  • The approaches to all locations are protected by invisible signals to prevent the AI Half Speed Slowdown Problem when approaching a signal at stop.
  • Trackmarks and industries have been provided for AI Drive To Trackmark, Drive via Trackmark and Drive to  Industry  commands. Click Location Index for details.
  • Manual (no AI) driving is possible. As a visual driving aid, a Caution warning sign has been placed at the location of the Main Approach Dn and Main Approach Up trackmarks. Click Location Index for details.
  • If driving manually in yards, you are responsible for correctly setting any catch points.
Strip Map
Route Key

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Loco Roster
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