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A set of scenarios to use with the SAR Peterborough Narrow Gauge Division layout for TRS19. The scenarios replicate, as far as possible, some of the operations that existed in the division from the 1920s until 1988 but most are set in the late 1960s. All rolling stock, industry and other settings are provided in the session. There are no AI controlled trains other than those you add yourself.

Session Scenario Index.png  SAR Peterborough Division Scenarios 
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Name Run Time (approx)   Name Run Time (approx)
1 Gladstone-Peterborough Depot Fuel 2 hrs   2 Vintage East-West Passenger Express 3 hrs
3 Gladstone-Wilmington Local Freight 3 hrs   4 Gladstone-Jamestown and Terowie Passenger 35 min to Jamestown
1 hr 40 mins to Terowie
5 Paratoo-Gladstone Bulk Ore 1 hr 25 min to Peterborough
2 hrs 45 mins to Gladstone
  6 Gladstone-Paratoo Empty Ore 1 hr 25 min to Peterborough
2 hrs 45 mins to Paratoo
7 Quorn-Peterborough Local Freight 3 hrs 30 min   8 Quorn-Peterborough Empty Fuel 3 hrs
9 Peterborough-Paratoo Mixed Service 1 hr 40 min   10 Paratoo-Gladstone/Terowie Express Freight 2 hrs 15 min to Terowie
3 hrs to Gladstone
11 Orroroo Grain Run 2 hrs 30 min   12 Peterborough Shunter 1 hr
13 Gladstone Shunter 40 min   14 Terowie Shunter 50 min
15 Quorn Shunter 40 min  

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Route, Session and all components are available on the DLS, built in or as automatically installed free "payware"
Using Content Manager to download and install the Session will also download and install the Route and all dependencies
  <kuid:45176:100965> SAR Peterborough Base Session for TRS19 SP3 and above
  <kuid:45176:100502> SAR Peterborough Narrow Gauge Division for TRS19 SP3 and above
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