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Return to [[TRS19 | TRS19 Home Page]] - [[Help:TRS19_Driver_UI|TRS2019 Driver UI]] - [[Help:Driver_Main_Menu|Driver Main Menu]] - [[Help:TRS19|TRS19 Help]]
Return to [[TRS19 | TRS19 Home Page]] - [[Help:TRS19_Driver_UI|TRS2019 Driver UI]] - [[Help:Driver_Main_Menu|Driver Main Menu]] - [[Help:TRS19|TRS19 Help]]

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The Controls Settings allow you to re-map many of the key bindings (controls) to different keyboard, mouse, or analogue (ie RailDriver) controls, as well as to map custom controls for different assets.

Due to the large number of controls available, these will not be listed individually.

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Editing Key Bindings

To edit a key binding, simply click on either the 'Primary' or 'Alternate' key binding, and then press the key, button, or control that you wish to bind to it.

If there is a conflicting key binding, then the key binding will be highlighted red. It is recommended to avoid conflicting key bindings.

Reset Control Settings

Resets all key bindings back to default. Note custom content key bindings will default back to 'none'.


Filters are available to display controls related to specific sections of Trainz.


Lists all Driver related key bindings. Custom key bindings for content or Driver Analog Controls will be listed at the top of this menu.

Rail Driver

The bindings for the Rail Driver are configured through this section.

See Raildriver for further information on setting up a RailDriver for Trainz.


Lists all Surveyor related key bindings.


Lists other key bindings, such as menu controls.


Lists all key binding in a single list.

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