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The Trainz Extra Content menu provides a simplified interface to allow quick downloading of new routes and sessions. It also allows you to upload your own creations to the Download Station.



The Download tab of the Extra Content menu is where you will find new routes and sessions that have been uploaded to the Download Station.

Click on "Download" near the top of screen to activate the tab. The menu will display a sorted list of new routes and sessions, their creator and the date they were uploaded. You can alter the list sorting by clicking on the column headings. Click again to reverse the sorting. This list will not show every route/session on the Download Station, only those with no future versions (i.e., not obsolete) and with a suitably high Trainz build (currently 3.6 in all versions of the menu).

To view more information about a particular route or session double-click on it in the list, or click one of the download buttons ("Download Selected", or the arrow buttons on each list row). The "Asset Download" dialog will open, showing the current download queue and some basic details about the selected asset. Click "Download" (or "Download All") to start downloading the asset and any extra content (dependencies) that it requires.

Trainz routes can be very large, so the download may take some time. While the route downloads you can minimise the Asset Download dialog by clicking the minimise button "-" on the top right of the dialog frame, and then go play Trainz! To restore the dialog and check the download progress simply click on the "Asset Download" button that's now displayed on the menu bar at the top of screen. Don't forget about the download though, exiting Trainz will cancel all active downloads and discard any progress. If you change your mind you can click "Stop" at any time to cancel the download, or close the dialog.


The Upload tab of the Extra Content menu is where you can upload your own creations to the Download Station for others to enjoy.

Click on "Upload" near the top of screen to activate the tab. The menu will display a sorted list of your local routes and sessions which are eligible for upload. To be eligible for upload the asset must have been created by you, be error free and be the latest version of that asset. Routes and sessions which are already on the download station will not be displayed in this list. If you want to update a route or session which you have previously uploaded you must first create a new version. This is not currently possible from within Trainz and must be done using Content Manager, see the how-to guide for more information.

To upload a route or session double-click on it in the list, or click one of the upload buttons ("UploadSelected", or the arrow buttons on each list row). This will open the "Asset Upload" dialog, which lists all active uploads and their progress through the upload processing system on the N3V Games servers.

Download Station assets must have a description, if your asset doesn't have one you can set it on the upload dialog. Simply select the asset and then enter some text in the description field on the right side of the dialog. Route/session descriptions should provide a basic overview of your creation for other players.

To confirm the upload select it in the list on the left and click "Upload". You will be prompted to accept the Planet Auran License agreement before the upload can begin. Upload progress is displayed in the list on the dialog, if you change your mind you can cancel the upload using the "Cancel" button, or by choosing "Cancel" from the right-click menu.

Once the asset has been uploaded to the N3V Games server it will enter the upload processing queue where it will be checked for errors and compliance with the license agreement. This process may take up to 24 hours, you will be emailed once the processing is complete. If you change your mind you can prevent the server processing by using one of the "Cancel" options.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Why isn't my route displayed in the upload menu?
  • A. In order to be uploaded to the Download Station routes and sessions must have been created with a valid user ID. If your route was created before you entered your Planet Auran account you may need to re-save it. Open the session in Surveyor and use the 'Save As' option in the main menu.
  • Q. I want to upload a new version of my session but only own Trainz iPad or Trainz Android, what do I do?
  • A. Creating new versions of routes and sessions is currently only possible with Content Manager on the desktop versions of Trainz. You can create a new session for upload by using 'Save As' within Surveyor, but make sure you clearly rename it (e.g. "My Session V2") and note in the description that it's an updated version.
  • Q. I uploaded my session but never got an email to say whether it was accepted, what happened?
  • A. Check your spam/junk folders and add "" to any safe lists in your email settings. Also make sure you're email address is correct in your Planet Auran profile settings here.

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