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'Short' URLs are Trainz-specific URLs which help future-proof content by allowing the content creator to reference certain pages on the N3V website without relying on a specific web layout. Short URLs are intended for in-game usage such as info-url links and will only work in the Embedded web browser and not in an external web browser.

The following short URL formats are supported:

  • help://texthere - Look up the specified text in the TrainzOnline help system.
  • wiki://pagename - Look up the specified page on the TrainzOnline wiki system.

In addition, various 'Trainz protocol' URLs are supported by the game. These are real URLs within our own protocol namespace. Some of these can be used from standard web browsers as long as the game is properly installed, but some are only useful from within the Embedded web browser.

  • trainz://buddy/buddyname - Add the specified buddy.
  • trainz://channel/channelname - Join the specified channel.
  • trainz://install/<KUID> - Offer to install the specified content from the DLS.
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