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The Embedded web browser is a full-featured web client built using mozilla. It is intended for rendering actual web content and static html content, not as a replacement for the existing in-game MiniBrowser which is used for script-driven user interface.

The Embedded web browser is not intended to replace a standalone browser application such as Internet Explorer or FireFox, but rather to provide integrated access to the Trainz community and online resources without having to leave the game environment. It is expected that most users will continue to use their regular browsers when outside the Trainz environment, and indeed, the same web content can be accessed from the regular browser. The advantage of the Embedded web browser is the convenience of accessing online content linked from in-game sources.


The Embedded web browser has the following limitations when compared to a standalone browser application:

  • There is no plugin support. Hence, no Flash playback support.
  • There is no ability to download arbitrary files. Trainz content may be download via Download Station helper links.
  • The Embedded web browser is restricted to browsing the Trainz Online site.

Some of these restrictions are technical in nature, and some are due to security concerns. Specifically, N3V intend that the Embedded web browser is useful to novice users without any security concerns, and without the requirement for N3V or the user to regularly update the browser software to prevent the security flaws du jour.

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