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This template is added to Metawiki PD-source and GFDL pages to categorize the page source licenses by collecting same in category:imported from Metawiki.

  • Meta-wiki is the Wikimedia Foundation home site, and is where much of the development of universal internationally adaptable wiki methods and tools like templates and language multi-lingual linking has taken place in years past. Most of the fruits of these efforts have been transferred to the software services site Mediawiki over the last few years.
  • Items in this templates' auto-category category:imported from Metawiki have not, and Metawiki content is mostly licensed under the {{GFDL}} vice Public Domain as is that from Mediawiki.
This page has it's origination in the Wikimedia Foundation's development website Meta-wiki or has been exported and is now part of the newer Mediawiki software resources website for assisting new wikis with startup organization and has been copied according to the terms of the (CC-BY-SA-3.0), the GFDL standard GNU pulic license or the source file(s) is/are in the public domain.
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