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Template:Heavily used template

[[File:{{#ifeq:Template:Dir|rtl|Heckert GNU left white|Heckert GNU white}}.svg|64px|link=|GNU head]] <Wm-license-gfdl-1.2-and-later>

Template:License migration [[Category:Licenses|GFDL}}

{x{TemplateBox |name=GFDL |desc=Displays a GNU Free Documentation License notice. |namespace=File |usergroup=all |1=migration |1d=

  • relicense Adds a CC-BY-SA-3.0 tag immediately below the GFDL tag
  • redundant Removes the migration notice and categorizes the image as not needing an update because it was already dual licensed as CC-BY-3.0 or CC-BY-SA-3.0 by its copyright holder
  • not-eligible Removes the migration notice and categorizes the image as not meeting the update criteria
  • needs-review Marks the file as needing careful review to determine if it meets the update criteria
  • opt-out For use by copyright holders that want to opt-out of the license migration

|1stat=optional |usage-notes=In 2009, GFDL media files were mass migrated to dual GFDL/CC-BY-SA licensing on Commons. To facilitate this effort, a "migration" parameter was added to the GFDL template. If the parameter is not specified, a generic notice is displayed saying that the file may be eligible for dual licensing. Other options are as follows: |parameter1=migration |type= |example= |i18n-method=mediawiki-msg |i18n-desc= |i18n-mediawiki-msg=Wm-license-gfdl-1.2-and-later |seealso=

|setscats=Category:GFDL |lines= |shorthand= |relieson= }}als:Vorlage:Bild-GFDL ar:قالب:GFDL bg:Шаблон:GFDL bs:Šablon:GFDL de:Vorlage:Bild-GFDL dsb:Pśedłoga:GFDL eo:Ŝablono:GFDL eu:Txantiloi:GFDL he:תבנית:GFDL hr:Predložak:GFDL hsb:Předłoha:GFDL ia:Patrono:GFDL it:Template:GFDL ja:Template:GFDL ka:თარგი:GFDL ko:틀:GFDL mk:Шаблон:ГЛСД nl:Sjabloon:GFDL pap:Template:GFDL pl:Szablon:GFDL pt:Predefinição:CopyrightGFDL ru:Шаблон:GFDL sr:Шаблон:Гфдл th:แม่แบบ:GFDL vi:Tiêu bản:GFDL zh:Template:GFDL zh-min-nan:Template:GFDL


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