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This documentation portion has been transcluded from Template:T-aids (edit talk links history)

If the first auto-parameter {{{1}}} is given,
that will also auto-categorize the calling template to [[Category:{{{1}}} ]] .
Common usage
This template is one of a few typing-aid templates which are used primarily in the Template, Help and Main Namespaces.


  • When used in Template pages, they must be located inside the template documentation's
    <noinclude> … </noinclude> block to automatically add the template to the category:Link and Navigation templates page.
  • When used in the any namespaces, each will take the parameter |cat= to override the default category listed below, and the 1st default parameter {{{1}}} to pipetrick the page to the string given by |1=string (the equivalent call form).

This is one of series of TrainzOnline typing-aid and auto-categorization templates
most of which share the characteristics
 • a four letter mnemonic identifier
 • followed by capital 'T' as a middle character,
 • then another mnemonic as suffix.

Typing-aid/categorizing templates following the naming pattern
 Template   corresponding auto-category is:  
{{ AutoTcat}}   Category:Auto-categorizing templates
{{ FormTemp}}   Category:Formatting templates
{{HW2FUN}}   Category:How-to fundamentals
{{ LinkTemp}}   Category:internal link templates
{{ LinkSubT}}   Category:internal link sub-templates
{{ LinkTnav}}   Category:Link and Navigation templates
{{MainTemp}}   Category:Maintenance templates
{{TypeTaid}}   Category:Typing-aid templates
{{SelfTdoc}}   Category:Self-documenting templates

Typing-aid/categorizing templates following a different naming pattern
 corresponding auto-category is:  
{{icons}}   Category:Icons
{{TBKr}}   Category:Trainz Basic Knowledge references
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