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This is a section of a parent template... leave alone!


This template is used solely inside other templates to 1st present the message above. It is designed specifically to tag and categorize templates which are subtemplates of other templates.
2nd - This template auto-categorizes a template page to category:Internal link sub-templates under the standard | {{{1|{{PAGENAME}} }}}]] sorting parameterization scheme.
3rd It will display a named parameter {{{ altmsg }}} under the message "This is a section..." message as a provisional need.


This documentation portion has been transcluded from Template:T-aids (edit talk links history)

If the first auto-parameter {{{1}}} is given,
that will also auto-categorize the calling template to [[Category:{{{1}}} ]] .
Common usage
This template is one of a few typing-aid templates which are used primarily in the Template, Help and Main Namespaces.


  • When used in Template pages, they must be located inside the template documentation's
    <noinclude> … </noinclude> block to automatically add the template to the category:Internal link sub-templates page.
  • When used in the any namespaces, each will take the parameter |cat= to override the default category listed below, and the 1st default parameter {{{1}}} to pipetrick the page to the string given by |1=string (the equivalent call form).

This is one of series of TrainzOnline typing-aid and auto-categorization templates
most of which share the characteristics
 • a four letter mnemonic identifier
 • followed by capital 'T' as a middle character,
 • then another mnemonic as suffix.

Typing-aid/categorizing templates following the naming pattern
 Template   corresponding auto-category is:  
{{ AutoTcat}}   Category:Auto-categorizing templates
{{ FormTemp}}   Category:Formatting templates
{{HW2FUN}}   Category:How-to fundamentals
{{ LinkTemp}}   Category:internal link templates
{{ LinkSubT}}   Category:internal link sub-templates
{{ LinkTnav}}   Category:Link and Navigation templates
{{MainTemp}}   Category:Maintenance templates
{{TypeTaid}}   Category:Typing-aid templates
{{SelfTdoc}}   Category:Self-documenting templates

Typing-aid/categorizing templates following a different naming pattern
 corresponding auto-category is:  
{{icons}}   Category:Icons
{{TBKr}}   Category:Trainz Basic Knowledge references
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