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I like the new colorful format, but you need to be more careful in writing instructions. In Step 2 this statement appears: "Select the route to-be-merged. Only the Route data will be loaded from this route." This second sentence is (as written) not true. All layers will be loaded (by the app) from both the base and to-be-merged routes. I believe what is poorly expressed here is that only the route layer of the to-be-merged route should be loaded. The second sentence in the statement is unnecessary and confusing if the previous step(s) clarify that all but the route layer must be removed from the to-be-merged route before selecting it to be merged into the base layer. If it really is possible to merge routes AND sessions AND other layers (I do not know), this fact should be explained and the process of doing so clearly laid out. I suggest replacing the confusing sentences with: "Select the route to-be-merged. This route should/must have only a route layer."

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